UKPC/FCYA - Toronto

Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada / Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance - Toronto Chapter

Saturday, June 11, 2005

EVENTS: Networking Workshop & Cultural Night


2-6pm. Date and location to be announced

This event is a get-together for Filipino youth in Toronto, which will bring together different Filipino youth organizations, particularly those with a focus on creating greater awareness on Philippine heritage and culture, as well working on social justice issues in the Filipino community. The activity aims to build linkages between existing organizations and encourage other Filipino youth to become more involved in initiatives geared towards the development and empowerment of our community.

Through group discussions, participants will be able to hear from different Filipino youth organizations about the work these organizations do. They will also be able to discuss what they think are important issues for Filipino youth today, and formulate concrete actions as to how they can work together to address these issues.

Participating organizations can set up display tables with information about them and their activities. They are encouraged to bring information about current campaigns and fundraising efforts they are working on.

The event will end with dinner, which will provide an opportunity for participants to interact freely with each other and look at the display tables set up by each organization. After dinner, participants will be encouraged to watch and participate in our cultural event.

6-9PM. Location to be announced

This event is being held in commemoration of the 113th founding anniversary of the Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galang na Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (Highest and Most Respected Association of the Children of the People) on July 7. The Katipunan, founded in 1892, was the secret society of mostly workers and peasants that led the Philippine Revolution of 1896, ending 375 years of Spanish colonial rule.

The program will feature different performances which reflect the past and current struggles of Filipinos – from the struggle of Filipinos against the tyranny of their Spanish colonizers, to the present day-to-day struggles of immigrant Filipinos.

Filipino organizations and individuals are invited to participate in this event. Performances may be in the form of:
- songs
- poetry
- dance
- theatre (short skits)

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
- Philippine history & culture
- Pride in Philippine heritage
- Migration/immigration
- Identity
- Racism
- Issues of Filipino youth, women, workers

Admission to the event is free, although donations are welcome. Proceeds will go towards supporting the human rights campaign in the Philippines.

For more information or to register for the events, contact Mithi at or (647) 273-6553.

Hope to see you all there!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005


We've changed the English translation of our name to correspond with the name of the Vancouver chapter.

OLD NAME: Filipino Canadian Youth Network
NEW NAME: Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance

Short forms of our name which you'll see in our announcements and publications are:

  • UKPC-Toronto
  • UKPC/FCYA-Toronto